Novartis Report Results of Kesimpta (ofatumumab) Sensoready Autoinjector Pen for Multiple Sclerosis

Novartis Report Outcomes of Kesimpta (ofatumumab) Sensoready autoinjector pen for Numerous Sclerosis


The multicenter survey involves evaluating Kesimpta Sensoready autoinjector pen in 80 MS patients and 50 MS nurses, with RMS who got an illness modifying treatment through a subcutaneous/intramuscular injection via an autoinjector
The outcome shows MS clients and nurses choose the Kesimpta Sensoready autoinjector pen over other autoinjectors for current treatment (84% vs 16%). The findings will be provided at the ACTRIMS Forum 2021 on Feb, 2021
Kesimpta received positive CHMP viewpoint last month based on two P-III trials showed decrease of yearly relapses by over 50% with more than 30% relative threat reduction of 3 mos. CDP vs teriflunomide

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